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We recently came across an article published on the ABC website about an Australian Museum naturalist, Martyn Robinson who is raising a colony of baby fringed jumping spiders (Portia fimbriata) - tiny spiders that 'think' and solve mazes. The downside? They feed on other spiders and in the absence of other alternatives they will eat each other, so we thought maybe we could help.Fringed Jumping Spider

Now keeping spiders alive is something that doesn't normally sit well with pesties (and especially not with clients!), but in the aid of research we thought we could supress our natural urges momentarily and spread the word to others who might like to do the same. Martyn is looking for spider sacs and spiders for his baby Fringed Jumping Spiders. They do prefer Redback egg sacs. However in the absence of those others will do.

If you can help, here's Martyns instructions on  what you need to do:

If anyone does find any if they are eggs they can post them in a small crush proof container, but if they are live spiders or a mix they are best dropped in to the museum directly. The switch /enquiries counter of the museum is open 24/7 so they can be dropped in at 3 am on a Sunday morning if you wish! Just make sure there is a contact phone or address for thanks and address the spiders or egg-sacs to Martyn Robinson. Minimal other material is required as long as the spiders or the eggs have not been sprayed and they are not all crammed in together in too tiny a jar.

Martyn Robinson

The Address to post to is: Martyn Robinson - Naturalist - C/-  Australian Museum -  6 College Street Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia

If you are interested in reading about these clever little spiders the article can be found here: and the Australian Museum page for the spiders is here:

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