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Spiders are another widely feared pest, and with good reason. Australia has a number of deadly poisonous spiders. As they keep hidden during the day a spider population is easy to underestimate. Management of spiders is important for the safety of all on your premises. The most dangerous species include (but are not limited to):

Funnel Web Spider

Funnel-Web Spiders

Are large and black to brown in colour. Both sexes are dangerous and aggressive. The female builds a web lined tunnel in the ground which she remains close to, while the male wanders at night for food. Bites are extremely painful and possibly even fatal.

Redback Spider

Redback Spider

The Redback spider is one of Australias Deadly Spiders. It is the female bite which is dangerous to humans. She is dark brown to black in colour and usually has a bright orange/red stripe on her back (not always) and usually grows to 12-15mm .Redback Spiders makes loose webs in outdoor shady places and in and around things such as rubbish and stacked wood. Bites are extremely painful and require prompt medical attention. There is however no record of deaths since the introduction of antivenene.

White Tail Spider

Whitetail Spiders

Whitetails have a long cigar shaped body with a distinctive white spot on the tail. Males will wander at night while females remain to form nests under leaf litter and tree bark. Bites are extremely painful and may cause severe skin inflammations.


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