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We love finding new and interesting tid bits of information! We also keep in touch with other people and companies in the industry around the world via social media and continually come across lots of new and interesting information almost every day.

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Sometimes Keeping Spiders Alive Is Important!

Help an Australian researcher with his important work
Pest Control Is Important
Why Pest Control Is So Important

Some industry, health & food facts
Queensland Victoria Floods
Termite Systems & Flooding

Has your system been compromised?
Bird Mite
What's That Itch?

Might be bird mites!

Is It A Termite Or An Ant?

Is it an ant or a flying reproductive termite?

I Found Termites! What Do I Do?

Don't Panic! Read on for info on what to do.

10 Reasons To Book With Mr PEST

Here's 10 good reasons to book with Mr PEST!

Identify That Spider

Dangerous spider identification chart & information.

Spider Bite First Aid

Make sure you know the right steps.
HACCP Food Safety
HACCP Misconceptions

Understanding the HACCP confusion

HACCP Approved Rodent Baiting

Bell Labs products approved by HACCP Australia!
Special Deals & Discounts

Save money on your pest control bill!

Are Dry Ice Bed Bug Traps Safe?

Critique on a recent Time Magazine DIY article.
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