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Your home is likely your most valuable asset and finding termites can be a shock for homeowners. We have all heard the horror stories of homes so badly damaged by termites that they have become structurally unstable and of the huge costs associated with repairing termite damage. Did you know that termite damage is NOT covered by your home building and contents insurance? CSIRO studies have shown that up to 1 in 5 homes will be infested by termites regardless of the age or construction method. Most people are unaware of the high rate of termite infestations in Sydney and think "It wont happen to me", but there is a very good chance that it will!

Prevention is the best cure and regular inspections by a qualified and accredited inspector is the first step in protecting your home from termites and the damage they can cause. Our inspectors at Mr PEST are trade qualified, licensed, insured and accredited in timber pest inspections and treatments. When we complete a termite inspection at your property we will provide you with an 8 page Australian Standards compliant report and will detail personal recommendations for your property. Working together we can help you improve the environment around your property and reduce the likelihood of termite infestation.

Control techniques for termites can essentially be divided into two types: Pre and Post Construction.  Pre construction techniques usually involve preventative measures which are applied during the construction of the home or building. These are generally a chemical or physical barrier to prevent termite entry. Post construction techniques usually utilise a number of options including baiting, monitoring stations and/or chemical to detect or prevent termite entry into the home. Each property is different. Construction and environmental factors determine which type of treatment is most suitable and we can tailor a temite treatment program specifically for your property.

If termites have made their way into your property there are a number of treatment options which can be implemented. Effective termite control requires an understanding of termites and their habits and a well informed knowledge of termite treatment options, products, their application methods and the relevant Australian Standards and Industry Codes. We have a vast experience in termite treatments and the best results are achieved by close consultation with you to determine the most suitable control method. All our treatments are completed in accordance with Australian Standards and backed by a service warranty and regular inspections.

 For a wealth of information on termite identification, treatment and prevention please visit our Termite Information Library


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